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I am an incoming Physics PhD student at Caltech (2027)
I received my Dual Bachelors of Science degree in Physics and Mathematics (Summa Cum Laude) from Texas Tech University (2022).
I work as an undergraduate research assistant at the APDL

my skills


I write in: , , $\LaTeX$, and .
I have experience using: , and .
I take pride in writing concise and easy-to-understand code.


I have completed coursework in all the core areas:
Classical Physics, Modern Physics, Nuclear and Particle Physics
Quantum Mechanics, Statistical Thermodynamics, Optics
Electromagnetism, Error Analysis and Mathematical Methods


Thorough knowledge of Calculus,
Analysis, Statistics, Optimization
Linear Algebra, Monte Carlo Methods, Dynamical Systems
from academic coursework and
research experiences.

People Skills

Effective Communication, Active Listening,
Mentoring, Collaboration, Leadership,
Management, Event Planning,
Resilience, and Advocacy.

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APDL logo

Advanced Particle Detector Laboratory (APDl)

I am currently a Undergraduate Research Assistant at APD Lab in Lubbock, TX where I am working on developing high fidelity readout schemes using FPGA systems for applications in Muon Telescopes. Previously, I have developed and installed a cyber-physical network of thermodynamic senors to serve a weatherstation for the lab

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European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)

I was a summer research intern at CERN through the UMich-CERN REU program. I developed a Machine Learning framework to calibrate topo‑cluster energy data using simulation data from the ATLAS collaboration

GBO Telescope

Green Bank Observatory

When I'm not busy with school or work, I am a collaborator at the GBO, where I conduct statistical and image analysis on various Pulsar datasets generated by the Green Bank Telescope. This project is in conjunction with the Pulsar Search Collaboratory and Dr. Joseph Romano, TTU Physics Department

Professional Experience

TECHniques Center Logo

TECHniques Center

I have been a peer instructor for a variety of physics, math and engineering classes in my sophomore and junior years at the TECHniques Center. I have provided course-specific tutoring to undergraduate students with documented evidence of learning disabilities and received Level 2 International Tutor Certification from College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA) as a result of my efforts.

A picture with my fellow SJAs' at a banquet

Texas Tech University Student Housing (TTUSH)

I served as a Social Justice Advocate under the TTUSH. My responsibility for this position included providing leadership and advocacy in promoting advancement and development of diversity, multiculturalism, social identity and social justice through training, community development, programming educational interactions, and educational dialogues within assigned complexes. In my two years serving in this role, I prepared and delivered multiple presentions specializing on race, religion, coexistence and diversity.

Some resources on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion in STEM

A picture at the CUWiP conference

Women In Physics (WiP)

I serve as the Vice President of the TTU Chapter of Women In Physics (WiP). Our organization's purpose is to improve the recruitment and retention of women in physics by providing opportunities for academic achievement and skill and professional development through free educational workshops, community building, networking, and mentoring. As the secratary, my responsibility is to ensure that meetings are effectively organised and minuted; records and administration documents are effectively maintained and the legal requirements of our organization's status under the Student Government Association are upheld.

A picture at the McLane Teammates Reading Program Summit 2019

The Free Market Institute

I have been a McLane scholar with the Free Market Institute since the Fall of 2019. As a part of the scholarship, we read and discuss selections from classic works and from contemporary scholars that address important questions in political economy and meet once a week for discussions facilitated by a Texas Tech University faculty member in addition to a biannual summit at SMU. This program stirred my interests in political and social aspects of economics and allowed me to utilize my knowledge of the STEM fields and experience as an SJA to stir data driven conversations advocating for STEM acceptance and awareness, gender equality, need for diersity, equal access to opportunities and changes to the current form of capitalism.

A picture of me at the Jones AT&T stadium

Texas Tech University Transition and Engagement

I was a part of the Red Raider Orientation Crew

in the summer of 2019. As a part of the crew, I was trained to assist at Red Raider Orientation by assuming the roles of guides, small group leaders, mentors and resources for incoming freshman. We also helped guide students and parents through many activities and sessions that take place during orientation and served as the liason between the TTU University System and the parents and students.
A picture with some of my students on a field trip

Lubbock Pre-Freshman Engineering Program (TexPREP-Lubbock) 2019

For the latter half of summer 2019, I served as a teacher for TexPREP which is a math, science, and engineering summer enrichment program for 6th - 12th graders. I was in charge of the College Readiness class where I shared resources and mentored juniors and seniors to prepare them for college success. I also assisted with creating robotics (LEGO Mindstorms) , physics and programming (Scratch IDE) projects to encourage multidisciplinary thinking and introduce problem solving approaches common in STEM disciplines.

Leadership & Involvement

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  • Interests

    When I'm not busy doing school/research/job/club work, I keep myself occupied by working
    on my various interests.

    • Bees

      Bees are amazing. My initial draw to them was that they are one of the leading reasons I get to eat delicious and beautiful food and, of course, their cuteness but as time has gone on I have become even more intrigued. Their ability to see ultraviolet light, the polar geometry flight patterns, and, in the bumble bees case, their ability to fly at all are so interesting and impressive to me. Like I said, Bees are amazing!!

    • Internet Of Things (IoT)

      This is a recent interest of mine that was borne out of my work at the APD Lab. As I learned more about Rasperry Pi's, Arduino's and communications technologies, I started coming up with some ideas for personal projects for home automation. Currently, I am working on trying to incorporate Alexa's features in my home automation projects - detecting when I am in the kitchen and playing a certain playlist and reading my messages and news when I steep my tea.

    • Programming

      Programming is a skill that I always wanted to have but was too intimidated to start working on. However, that all changed last year and now that I have finally got started - programming is a skill that I am developing in my free time. I primarily use YouTube and the plethora of online resources available to learn and practice. My go-to IDE of choice is Visual Studio, however I am trying to be a Vim master. Also, spaces > tabs.

    • Mathematics and Mathematicians

      As evident by my life choices, math truly is one of my biggest passions. It is the purest way of viewing the world, and it is this very lens that I am trying to polish to get a better understanding of reality. In my free time, I love watching 3Blue1Brown videos, working on sample math problems, and learning about great Mathematicians of the past. Being an aspiring mathematician, I am very inspired by the work of Emmy Noether and talk about her to my friends/family on every occasion that I get.

    • Art and Artists

      Art has always been an integral part of my life. My father is an artist and an art teacher so I was raised to see the world through a creative lens. I grew up in awe with the works of M. C. Escher, Gustav Klimt, and Caravaggio. As I got older, I realized my affinity to the sciences but my love for the arts didn’t dwindle. Instead, now, I see Mathematics and Art as one in the same. Math, I would say, is just my favorite type of art.

    • Outreach

      As an aunt and older sister I truly believe it is up to us to inspire and encourage scientific curiosity within the community. I love chatting to anyone about ideas and the wonders of science. When we aren’t in a global pandemic I love attending conferences and volunteering at community events to help people see why Math and Physics are so important, interesting and, best of all, fun!

    • Food and Travelling

      Some of the most rewarding experiences I have had in life have come through the opportunity to travel. I feel incredibly grateful that I have had the opportunity to explore countries like Italy, Germany, England, France, Ireland and more. Though it isn’t as common anymore, Pinterest is great for feeding my daydreams to explore the world and all it has to offer.

    • Social Dynamics

      I love to understand and analyze social situations. I find the rich interactions between humans absolutely amazing - starting from their body language to their use of language. Looking at social situations as information channels has allowed me to better understand my friends and family and also develop a higher EQ. It is a hobby that has paid its divident as I am always the person to diffuse conflicts in a friend group whenever it arises.

    • Teaching

      I was always passionate about learning which transcended more and more into teaching as I grew up. My experiences in teaching Math to 7th graders when I was in high school, STEM and college readiness classes to middle and high schoolers last summer, and more recently being a peer tutor to students with learning disabilities in college serve as constant reminders as how fulfilling teaching is for me.

    • Reading

      Sadly I can't say that I am able to read as much as I want to, however, every now and then I pick up a book and finish it in a weekend. My favorite book often changes, as there is a different book for every occasion, but if I had to choose something I would choose What if? by Randall Munroe. Currently I am enjoying The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Lui. If you happen to have any suggestions I’d be happy to hear them!

    Contact me

    Feel free to contact me via email or connect with me on LinkedIn using the links below. Reach out to me with internship, job and learning opportunities. Also, reach out to me if you believe I can help you somehow.